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Weirdos and insomniacs, meet us at the witching hour and travel through to another dimension of danger, disgust and the downright f****d up. Take a journey into a wondrous, spine-shivering, vomit-inducing land where boundaries and decorum cease to exist. Prepare to witness new nightmares from Dean Puckett (The Sermon) and Aislinn Clarke (The Devil's Doorway), and bask in the bloodthirst of malevolent yeast monsters, anthropomorphic wolves, murderously perfectionist AIs, epileptic fruit orgies and extreme sadomasochistic art installations.

Seagull, Dean Puckett, 6’

Yeast, Elliott Gonzo, 12’

Fruit, Ivan Li, 3’

Eye Exam, Aislinn Clarke, 3’

Silly Human, Cory Williamson, 13’

On Air, Syd Heather, 6’

Voodoo in My Heart, Elias Williams, 5’

I, ADONIS, Angelo Raaijmakers, 14’

OBSOLESCENCE, Caviar To The General, 12’

Wolf in Dude's Clothing, Solmund MacPherson, 13’