LSFF - Fringe! presents: Is That a Tentacle?18

LSFF - Fringe! presents: Is That a Tentacle?

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Fringe! test the soft, fleshy boundaries of gender and desire in this programme of tactile tentacled fantasies, interdimensional badass biker babez, ecosexual bliss, and inter-species relationship goals. So, put on your fanciest fronds, manicure those claws, turn out the tentaculum, and join us for a night of mind-expanding passion and progressive genitalia.

Menace Miamine, Alexandre Brulé, 15’

Gay Teen Werewolf, Andy Rose Fidoten, 14’

Are You Still Watching?, Alex Cardy, Tali Polichtuk and Kitty Chrystal, 6’

The Demons of Dorothy, Alexis Langlois, 28’

MonsterDykë, Kaye Adelaide and Mariel Sharp, 4’

Wet Streaming III: Fuck my Ficus, Aaron Scherer, Eva Sommer and Daniela Zahlner, 5’

Blastogenesis X, Conrad Veit, Charlotte Maria Kätzl, 27’