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  • Sat 13 Nov
  • 110 minutes
  • Director: Henrika Kull
  • Germany (2021)


There's instant attraction and chemistry between Sascha and Maria when they meet whilst working at a Berlin brothel and reckon with the oscillating demands of their subjective existences alongside each other. They are from different worlds and experiences. One is free and exploratory, while the other has wisdom and experience, and their fatedness feels undeniable. Sex in all of its meanings, from a site and material of work, to the otherworldly and transformative stolen intimacy between the two, is represented with powerful honesty.

An incredibly accomplished cinematic feat, Bliss is a beautiful and naturalistic, yet earth-shattering depiction of how relationships are crucibles for growth and transformation in unexpected ways.

+ short before the feature:

Poison | dir. Louve Dubuc Babinet | Belgium 2020 | 19’

Radical sex worker turned live artist, Poison, rages against work under late capitalism