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  • Fri 12 Nov
  • 107 minutes
  • Director: David McNally
  • USA (2000)


‘You can't fight it. No matter what you do.... The night is gonna get to yeeow.'

The most iconic night of the queer cinema calendar is back in the flesh and this time it's a boozy, slaggy-bonding, bar-dancing good time in honour of queer-baity 2000s classic Coyote Ugly! Dress and drag up girlies, we’ve got that hoe-down Lori Mae on hand to find the dirtiest girls in the house.

Who will you be tonight at Coyote Ugly? Out-bisexual, dirty blonde bar owner Maria Bello? Pathetic musical-theatre-vibe paramour who gets his kit off for the huns, Adam Garcia? Sweet, sad, stage-frightened songwriter Violet Sandford? One of the many greasy bar dolls (any Tyra Bankses or Bridget Moynahans in the house?) Or maybe even that lovely ol' daddy dyke, John Goodman or the omni-present lez Melanie Lynskey. Better yet, belt out Can't Fight the Moonlight from behind years of stagefright and be a star for the night!

We're back with a bang - beer, babes, bad-fake-piano-playing, and hot bar action! Then join us at Superstore after the film for a night in tribute to the trash: with our fav party-starters Harpies and Get Your Knickers Off!

CW: Some outdated language around dating and consent, men being gross and depicted as such.