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Pan Talks: Film Night + Q&A

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 Join Pan Talks: Film Night for a chance to watch a selection of short films curated by Guardian Documentaries’ Charlie Phillips and Lindsay Poulton.

The screening will be followed by a Q&A section with Charlie Phillips and Lindsay Poulton hosted by BBC News presenter Reeta Chakrabarti, and featuring some of the filmmakers.


Pan Talks: Film Night supports Pan Intercultural Arts, an organisation dedicated to the exploration of cultural diversity through the arts and how such work can inspire and implement social change. Pan provides creative projects, including drama, music, and filmmaking workshops, to asylum-seekers, young refugees, female survivors of trafficking and young people excluded from mainstream education.


Come and join us for a chance to see how different artists use their creativity and skills to address some of the big issues of our day and find out more about Pan’s participants' inspirational stories and creative work.

 Pan Intercultural Arts website: HtTps://