Irish Film London: THE 8TH 12A

Irish Film London: THE 8TH

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  • Sat 21 Aug
  • 95 minutes
  • Director: Maeve O’Boyle
  • Cast: Maria Steen, Ailbhe Smyth, Eamon Martin.
  • Ireland (2020)


THE 8TH traces Ireland's campaign to remove the 8th Amendment - a constitutional ban on abortion. It shows a country's transformation from a conservative state in thrall to the Catholic church to a more liberal secular society.

Including voices from both sides of the debate, its primary focus is nonetheless on the dynamic female leaders of the pro-choice campaign. Veteran campaigner Ailbhe Smyth and self-described glitter-activist Andrea Horan chart a bold strategy of grassroots activism and engineer the impossible.

An urgent narrative, a cautionary tale and a roadmap for progressive reforms in a modern era where authoritarianism is on the rise, THE 8TH shows a country forging a new progressive path at a time when reproductive rights are threatened around the world.

Part of “The Irish for Hope”; a series of screenings from Irish Film London made possible with funding from Film Feels Hopeful, a UK-wide cinema season, supported by the National Lottery and BFI Film Audience Network. Explore all films and events at