Fringe Film Fest: Sol Alegria18

Fringe Film Fest: Sol Alegria

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  • Fri 13 Nov
  • 90 minutes
  • Director: Mariah Teixeira & Tavinho Teixeira
  • Brazil (2018)


Now we are not saying if Fringe! dreamt up a road movie it would include militant nuns who worshiped the power of the anus, but we are not ‘not’ saying it would feature characters like these. Prepare yourself for Sol Alegria: a wild and rebellious romp through a dystopian Brazil, featuring corrupt priests, tiger balm and lashings of unbridled free love.

Join a bourgeois family as they take a lawless trek through the interiors of Brazil, a country under the grip of a military junta. As clergymen preach the gospel of the apocalypse, our band of outsiders soldier on in their mission to deliver arms to a convent of cannabis growing nuns, ready to fight the good fight.  

With a camp mix of satire and psychedelia, Sol Alegria manages to evoke the work of early Almodóvar, the Czech New Wave and Pornochanchada, offering a delightful queer gaze to the road movie genre.