Fringe Film Fest: Dry Wind18

Fringe Film Fest: Dry Wind

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  • Wed 11 Nov
  • 110 minutes
  • Director: Daniel Nolasco
  • Brazil (2020)


London Premiere

The land in the Brazilian city of Catalan is very very dry. Dry wind and low humidity has brought Sandro’s waking life to a bland standstill of factory work, union meetings and fag breaks. Post-work he scratches his sexual itch in the woods with his colleague Ricardo, only to return home to complete a jigsaw, before falling asleep knowing tomorrow will be exactly the same. Until Maicon arrives.

Ripped out of the pages of a Tom of Finland sketchbook, Maicon’s lunchtime flirtations with Ricardo spark in Sandro the flames of jealousy, setting in action a lust fuelled journey that will take him out of his monotonous routine and into the darkest depths of his leather clad desires. Be prepared to be taken to the edge.

‘Dry Wind’ is cinema at its most sexually playful and aesthetically tantalising. A steaming hot drama that brings together trade unions, forest rimming, and neon-lit fellatio… count us in.