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London Palestine Film Festival 2019

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  • Wed 20 Nov
  • 84 minutes
  • Director: Elia Suleiman
  • Cast: Elia Suleiman, Nazira Suleiman, Fuad Suleiman
  • Palestine (1996)


London Palestine Film Festival 2019

Chronicle of a Disappearance

In an investigation of the twilight zone between narrative, history and autobiography,

CHRONICLE OF A DISAPPEARANCE transgresses the boundaries of many genres. After living in New York for many years, the Palestinian film maker Elia Suleiman returned to Israel for this film. He used his privileged position as half insider and half outsider to

analyze how much the Arab population of Israel is losing its national identity. Through his quasi-aimless roamings we become acquainted with his extended circle of family and friends. The characters lead a marginal existence in an occasionally surreal reality.

The director/protagonist moves between the role of character and spectator, mediator and narrator, asthe film itself moves between documentary, fiction, reminiscence and present. The film is lucidly structured, funny and ironic.