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  • Sun 11 Nov
  • 100 minutes
  • Cast: Sepultura, Lars Ulrich, Corey Taylor
  • Brazil (2017)


DOC’N ROLL 2018 presents:


Part concert film, part testimonial to the power of music, part intimate insider-hang and unseen footage of the last 30 years, featuring interviews with legends like Lars Ulrich and Scott Ian, and younger artists influenced by Sepultura, such as Slipknot's Corey Taylor.  Filmmaker Otavio Juliano followed Sepultura as they toured and recorded their last 3 albums, a time of tension and triumph.

To date, Sepultura has released 14 albums, sold millions of albums worldwide and earned multiple gold and platinum records across the globe. for the band. On the road for almost 30 years, founding it's own genre  and influencing a generation of younger bands, these Brazilians have proved to be a true institution. This amazing story goes through Sepultura's history, myths, conflicts, personnel changes and struggles in the early 2000s. We see them at their most vulnerable and human, and also as idols of the heavy metal genre.