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The Wedding Present: Something Left Behind

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  • Sat 3 Nov
  • 87 minutes
  • Director: Andrew Jezard
  • UK (2018)


DOC’N ROLL 2018 presents:

The Wedding Present: Something Left Behind

London Premiere +  Q&A with the director, Shaun Charman and David Gedge, hosted by Shaun Keaveny (BBC 6 Music)

Something Left Behind tells the story of the fast and furious sound from the Northern band The Wedding Present’s much-heralded 1987 debut album George Best, exploring the 30-year lifespan of a record that has come to define youth in the minds of so many and has been labelled the greatest break-up album of all time. Featuring interviews with all four original band members, key players in the record’s history plus the major influence behind its very existence, the film also follows the album’s life story through the eyes of the fans who have grown up alongside it. All leading up to the band's blistering and emotional final ever performance and the closing of a hugely significant and personal chapter for songwriter David Gedge and The Wedding Present. Much more than just a making of, this documentary is crafted very much as a love story with all the emotions and turmoil that entails. The lyrics themselves, the way that people connect with this iconic album and the reasons that people still hold it dear so many years later.