Parent & Baby club

Parent & Baby club

Parent and Baby Club is the chance for a home away from home experience, and to view the latest releases in a relaxed environment.

The Rio staff will welcome you in the cafe, with our P & B special deals on Hot Drinks and Vegan Treats.

This club is for all parents whose babies are under one-years-old.

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Screenings are every Thursday morning at approximately 11:30am. Customers are always welcome to get in early so you can sit down and enjoy a hot drink and a tasty bite to eat.

Sweet and savoury vegan treats are on offer with coffee or tea for £4.

We make sure the lights inside the auditorium are brighter for your convenience. And the volume is controlled to create the perfect environment for a peaceful experience.

Tickets are at the normal matinee prices of £8.50. Reduced price tickets are offered to members of Young Mum’s Support Network:

Nappy changing facilities are located next to the auditorium and we provide secure spaces for pushchairs and buggies, however as space is limited inside of the auditorium, we do advise that you arrive 20 minutes before the advertised start time.

If you book in advance and it indicates that the screening will be busy we also advise you to bring a baby carrier.

We look forward to your custom and hope to see you soon.


What films are currently programmed for the Parent & Baby Club?

We show the new releases we have on at the Rio.

Who can come?

We warmly welcome all parents and carers with babies under one-year-old - every party must include at least one baby !

What time do I need to arrive?

We advise that you arrive 20 minutes before the advertised start time so that you can find an parking spot for your pushchair, purchase tickets if you haven’t already done so on our website or relax with a hot drink and cake in the café.

What facilities do you provide for babies?

We have baby changing facilities easily accessed next to the auditorium.

Where can I leave my pushchair?

We use a secure area of the lobby as a buggy park.

How much do tickets cost?

Parent & Baby Club membership is Free and tickets are at the normal matinee prices of £8.

For any information, please fill out the enquiry form here, and we will get back to you as soon as we can!