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  • Sun 5 Nov
  • 100 minutes
  • Director: Aro Korol
  • Cast: Stephen Fry, Jenny Runacre, Lindsay Kemp, Peter Tatchell
  • UK (2017)


When the iconic and historic cabaret venue Madame Jojo's, home of some of London’s most bizarre, daring and offbeat nightlife for more than half a century, closed it's doors in November 2014, it was seen by many as an unprecedented cultural catastrophe, the death knell of a bubbling and vibrant Soho and a victory for gentrification. An active movement began with citizens and celebrities coming together to resist the closures and the changes.

THE BATTLE OF SOHO documents and explores the history, events, and people of an ongoing cultural catastrophe and the wider issues of gentrification resulting from so-called 'municipal development,' as it affects areas throughout London and indeed cities throughout the world. It includes the views of the developers, those affected by the changing landscape and those involved in saving London's cultural heartlands.

The post-screening Q&A panel, hosted by Clare Lynch - editor of The Soho Clarion and presenter on Soho Radio, will include director Aro Korol, Alex Green from the Black Cap Foundation who are fighting to have the Black Cap Pub in Camden re-opened plus other guests to be announced