LFFF - Feminism and the Archive + panel discussion12A

LFFF - Feminism and the Archive + panel discussion

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  • Sat 19 Aug
  • 72 minutes
  • Director: Nina Hoechtl, Julia Wieger
  • Austria (2017)


The London Feminist Film Festival 2017 presents

Hauntings in the Archive!

European premiere.

Hauntings in the Archive! reflects on and exposes the his/herstory/ies of the Austrian Association of Women Artists (VBKÖ) through its century-old archive of letters, photos, catalogues and thousands of other documents. The Secretariat for Ghosts, Archive Politics and Gaps curate the material to conjure up the spectres of the multiple lives of the VBKÖ, that meet and share the scene in the film: ghosts of national socialism encounter colonial fantasies and old and new feminist agencies.

Languages: English, German.