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  • Sun 26 Mar
  • 330 minutes
  • Director: Abel Gance
  • Cast: Albert Dieudonné, Vladimir Roudenko, Edmond Van Daële, Antonin Artaud.
  • France (1927)


Abel Gance’s heroic depiction of the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte is an undisputed cinema landmark. Famed for its groundbreaking technical innovations – including its famous triptych finale – and a running time of 5 ½ hours, Gance’s epic traverses many of the formative experiences that shaped Napoleon’s rapid advancement. Cool under pressure, Bonaparte overcomes fierce rivals, the deadly Terror and political machinations to seal his imperial destiny. Monumental and visionary, the story’s chapters play out in exhilarating fashion tied together by an incredible feat of editing and technical ingenuity. Featuring an equally mammoth score composed and conducted by Carl Davis, this definitive digital restoration, the culmination of an unprecedented 50 year restoration project led by filmmaker and historian Kevin Brownlow, presents this silent masterpiece in all its grandiose glory.