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  • Wed 1 Mar
  • 98 minutes
  • Director: Adam Smith
  • Cast: Michael Fassbender, Brendan Gleeson, Rory Kinnear, Sean Harris, Lyndsey Marshal, Killian Scott.
  • UK (2016)


TRESPASS AGAINST US is a dynamic mix of crime thriller and offbeat family drama with powerhouse performances from Michael Fassbender and Brendan Gleeson. Three generations of the Cutler family live as outlaws in their own anarchic corner of the West Country in a world where speed and strength settle scores and the law does not apply. Chad Cutler (Fassbender) is heir apparent to his bruising criminal father, Colby (Gleeson), and has been groomed to spend his life hunting, thieving and tormenting authority. But with his own son coming of age, Chad soon finds himself locked in a battle with his father for the future of his young family. When tensions both internal and external finally come to a head, loyalties are put to the ultimate test. As daring as it is heartfelt, music-video director Adam Smith's feature debut brings the life of an outsider community to the screen in all its texture and detail. A pulsating original score by The Chemical Brothers adds to the emotional intensity.

We are delighted to welcome director Adam Smith for a post-screening Q&A.