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  • Tue 19 Jun to Thu 28 Jun
  • 105 minutes
  • Director: Rupert Everett
  • Cast: Rupert Everett, Colin Firth, Emily Watson, Tom Wilkinson, Anna Chancellor, Béatrice Dalle
  • UK (2018)


'The Happy Prince' is the title of a fairy tale that Oscar Wilde wrote for his two sons, a deeply sad, beautiful story about the gold-adorned statue of a prince and a swallow. It is also the title of a long-standing passion project for actor Rupert Everett who writes, directs and stars in this magnificent and definitive portrait of a tragic, yet inspirational, literary icon.

Oscar Wilde, once acclaimed playwright and darling of late Victorian London society, is a broken man after being convicted for 'fornication' and serving a two-year prison sentence. In debt, unwell, ill-treated and socially outlawed, he takes the name Sebastian Melmoth and flees to Paris. In the shabby Hôtel d'Alsace - ‘Either this hideous wallpaper goes – or I do’ - he looks back on his life in fever dream images and memories. Desire and loyalty face off, the transience of lust is laid bare, and the true riches of love are revealed...

Rupert Everett gives the performance of a lifetime, embodying Wilde both physically and emotionally - the vain, tender, boisterous, and the melancholy. With some superb ensemble playing from the likes of Colin Firth, Colin Morgan, Emily Watson, Tom Wilkinson and Béatrice Dalle, THE HAPPY PRINCE is a fittingly intelligent, dignified and beguiling portrait of a legend.

“A deeply felt, tremendously acted tribute to courage. A powerful parable of passion and redemption. Magnificent.” THE GUARDIAN

“This Oscar-worthy Wilde tale is Rupert Everett's masterpiece.” THE TIMES

“Everett's Wilde is an extraordinary achievement.” LONDON EVENING STANDARD