Treat of the Week

Treat of the Week


Created by innovative dessert specialist, Terri Mercieca (Fraise Sauvage), Happy Endings ice cream sandwiches are a thing of beauty and joy. All our ice creams sandwiches are made by passionate people with the best ingredients, organic chocolate from Original Beans, cream from The Estate Dairy, free range eggs.  Featuring:

'Negroni' - blood orange and white chocolate parfait negroni reduction in chocolate biscuit with peruvian dark nibs

'The Naughty One' - Salt caramel miso parfait in a chocolate Guinness cake

'The Malty One' - Malted milk chocolate in a hob nob style oat biscuit half dipped in dark milk chocolate

and, made especially for us at The Rio, inspired by Twin Peaks - limited edition 'Damn Fine Cherry Pie'!


It is estimated that back in 18th century London, during the infamous ‘Gin Craze’, there were an astonishing 1,500 distilleries in the capital. Today there are only a handful, the smallest and most unusual being the award-winning Sacred Microdistillery, located in Ian Hart’s family home in Highgate, north London.

You can enjoy Sacred's Gin and Organic Vodka at the Rio in a variety of specially designed cocktails:

The Rio Gin Mint Julep

White Russian w/ Cold & Blac Coffee Liqueur 

and the Sunday Bloody Sunday Mary


Allow me to introduce you to the sublimely delicious Ship Of Adventures Cookies!

Triple Choc Chip Cookie

Matcha White Choc Chip Cookie

Oaty Peanut Butter & Dark Choc Chip Cookie

All cookies are made from scratch in-house at the Ship of Adventures. The Ship is a cafe, gift shop, book shop and events space run by The Hackney Pirates to support their educational workshops with young people in Hackney. And the Rio are so very very pleased to be partnering up with the fine people of their cafe, so we can bring you these extraordinary treats.

Enjoy with a Clippers Tea or a Climpson & Son coffee.  


The world drinks 1.9 billion coke drinks every day but the people behind the name ingredient have never earned a cent. So Karma Cola decided to something about that. Every time someone buys a bottle of Karma Cola proceeds go back to the people who grow cola in Boma village, Sierra Leone. The Karma Cola Foundation guarantees growers get something back from drinkers. Karma Cola was awarded 'The World's Fairest Fairtrader' for their work in Sierra Leone.

#drinknoevil at the Rio cafe bar by choosing a Karma Cola, Lemmy Lemonade or Gingerella bottle or can.


100% natural COLD&BLAC uses the finest available certified Fair-Trade, Organic and GMO free ingredients, ensuring everything they do is produced with love, tenderness and passion from root to fruit.  They do not use processed cane sugar, artificial additives or thickeners. This is as close to a raw product as you can get in a coffee liqueur, producing an individual and breathtaking flavour profile to be savoured at leisure.

You can enjoy COLD&BLAC at the Rio in a variety of specially designed cocktails:

White Russian w/ Sacred Organic Vodka

Black Russian

and Double Espresso Martini